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I was raised in a great musical family, which faced music early on. My Dad was in a band called "Punch For Judy" which was a preband for some famous faces. This was always a reason for me to be also on stage someday and inspire people. 

My Mom is very talented in singing, although she doesn't really admit that. Thanks to her, I love italian music, which has sometimes deeper messages than english music does. Also dancing is probably from my mom, because she's the only one which goes to dancing-lessons and has fun there.

My Sister is also very talented. May it be Guitar, Ukulele, Loop-Stations or singing, she can do it. Thanks to her and her love to music, I'm able to play the Guitar and Ukulele. Without these instruments and support from my family, I wouldn't be that person I am now - and this page wouldn't exist.

Ardor since childhood

I started to play the piano when I was 10 years old. It was hard, because the notes weren't really my best friend. With 15 years I started to learn singing. I've learned there how to manage my voice and I got to know it. After intense "I'm-going-to-know-my-voice", I was able to sing some Songs (thank you Singing-Teacher!), which were impossible for me to perform before. My vocal training was getting better and better every year until I had the opportunity to accept the first offers.

At the age of 19, I had my first paid perfomance on a private event, which gave me not only the "oh my god these people applaud?!" feeling, but also the conviction that I'm actually talented. 

One year later, I went to a casting for a musical, which was a big seller in the insider community. It was called This is Christmas and had 2017 its première.

Another Year later, I had the honour to be on stage again with the team of BeSt Productions. It was also loved by the audience. After that, I recorded the Song Dunkelheit zu Licht by Roger Cicero, I had offers for Shows and Musicals (like Sister of Love by BeSt Productions) and started to invest time in my music career.

Castings are going, performances are coming and my expierience ist getting strong.

Let's see what will await me in the future.


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